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Nos petits-déjeuners

Back in time .... flavors of yesteryear ... moments of friendship shared ...

Often after a comfortable sleep in one of our rooms, you will wake up with the flavors of  fresh homemade bread, croissants, muffins, or scones   from our oven, or traditional granny pork beans  that have simmered all night ... ,family recipes of which Renald  has the secret .... . The red or white crab apple and pimbina  jellies are made by Renald from  fruits  harvested in the garden or along the Magog river.  If Renald tells you that the peanut butter comes from peanuts grown in his fields in Eastman that were crushed and  reduced to cream with his feet ...,please, do not beleive him !


But it is José, head chef, who will prepare you every morning the main dishes, prepared with fresh products (eggs, cheese, bacon, cretons, berries, cheeses. etc.) from a local butcher or farm or other artisan producers of the area or region, and you have a choice, after a generous apettizers,  between delicious omelettes, eggs to your liking, or quiche on one side, and on the other side ,  crepes or waffles garnished with fruit and yogurt, sprinkled with maple syrup. You mouth will be watering just to see your selection so it is artistically presented in a chic antique dishes,  bought from a local grandmothewho had received it as a wedding gift in the early 40 ...


It is in our dining-room that what could be an impersonal accommodation experience becomes encounter ... Led by Renald and José, who love to share moments of friendship with their hosts, the conversation often jumps from table to table,  country to country,  continent to another ....  The map on the wall testifies to the international provenance of our  guests.

In the summer, it is on the covered sunny terrace that it happens, with a view on the flower garden with the added bonus of watching small chickadees, sparrows, gold finches, cardinals,  blue jays, doves, that come to feed at feeders intended for them, sometimes disturbed by graceful and clever squirrels ...


If by chance you are our only guests on a cold winter morning, the table will be set just for you,  in front of a cozy fireplace in the living room. ..




That's the spirit of a Bed and Breakfast! Couette et Café or, if you prefer!

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